Benefits of an online MBA program

You can study online anywhere in the world

First of all, regarding accessibility, being able to take classes online naturally means that you can learn anywhere. As long as you have a device such as a PC and a communication environment such as WiFi , you can study for an MBA anywhere in the world .

Our program consists of a PGD course (conducted at our school) and an MBA course (conducted at Anglia Ruskin University).

First of all, the PGD course consists of 8 months of online lessons (3 days each month, held on Saturday afternoon) and assignments (8th lesson) for each lesson. Online lessons are conducted using the Norwegian online conferencing system “Whereby”, and you can participate in interactive lessons in the same way as face-to-face students. Furthermore, by using “Microsoft Teams” as a support system for online learning, it is possible to communicate with faculty members and students even outside class hours.

Students who have completed the PGD course will be required to complete an MBA Top-up and enroll in the MBA course at Anglia Ruskin University, all of which will be conducted online. The 9-month course period is mainly for creating the final project, Project Research. Text sharing and interaction with tutors will be developed on a student portal site optimized for online learning.

Achieve low costs by reducing extra operating costs

The total tuition fee for our MBA program is 1.98 million yen (tax included) . This is probably one of the cheapest MBA programs offered in the country, but the reason for realizing this cost is “reduction of extra operating costs” .

First, most domestic educational institutions that run MBA programs have campuses or school buildings, but we do not have campuses or school buildings. Face-to-face classes are held at rental conference halls in Tokyo. We believe that a school like ours requires stable communication infrastructure and distribution equipment, but does not require permanent equipment. Please be assured that the school management office is firmly and physically present. Not requiring the cost of campuses and school buildings, which account for a large proportion of school operating costs, greatly contributes to the realization of low tuition fees.

In addition, we do not spend extra advertising expenses on the promotion of the program. This website itself is also produced by internal staff without any outsourcing, from production to daily editing work. Creating glamorous websites and desire-stimulating video ads can be costly, but they have no correlation with the quality of the programs offered. We know from our past achievements that just telling the necessary information correctly has a sufficient advertising and appealing effect.

It’s important to understand that well-equipped campuses and school buildings, brilliant websites and advertisements that inspire desires, and their expenses are basically passed on to students as tuition .

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